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Decorative steel saguaros can be made to order. Steel saguaros range in size from 2 feet to 25 feet and can be built with a variety of options and styles. For example, they may be built with: multiple arms or ribs; with flowers or birds; as a one piece bolt in unit for year round use; a base hinge for seasonal decoration. Saguaros may be built out of copper or brass as well.

 For commercial use the saguaros are sculptures and not signs as long as no numbers or lettering is affixed to the saguaro. If you wish to attach numbering or lettering to the saguaro, city sign ordinances must be followed. Saguaros can be built as a moveable unit.

15 ft. tall metal saguaro with 2 arms. One piece saguaro with self locking hinge for easy light decoration. 1300 green lights.

15 ft. tall steel saguaro with 3 arms. Free standing one piece unit  built from 1/2 inch square steel.  Moveable saguaro with a base that can be staked into the ground. Total of 1,500 green lights.      

5 ft. tall steel saguaro with two arms. Built from 1/2" and 3/8" square steel .               

15 ft. singing steel saguaro. Steel inside the saguaro is designed to whistle when the wind blows. Free standing one piece steel saguaro  built from 1/2" square steel. Moveable saguaro with a stake in base. Total of 1,100 green lights and 5 white light flowers.                                                 

3.5 ft. tall steel saguaro with 2 arms on a round platform.                                     On display at office.

20 ft. tall steel saguaro with 2 arms. Sectional saguaro with a hinge base for easy light decoration. Built from 1/2 inch square steel with extra trunk and arm ribs. Total of 2000 individual  green lights.          

Oxidizing round platform with decorative welded rock. Steel saguaro

7 ft. metal saguaro with white interior lighting.                       

10 ft. tall metal saguaro with 2 arms on a square bolt in base. 1/2" square steel.               

3.5 ft. tall steel saguaro with two arms on a round platform. 1/4" round steel. 200 red lights.              

6 ft. steel saguaro. Built from 1/2" square steel.                  

5 ft. tall metal saguaro with two arms. 1/4" round steel.               

20 ft. tall metal saguaro with 2 arms. Moveable stake base with self-locking hinge for easy light decoration. Built from 1/2 inch square steel with extra trunk and arm ribs. 10 ft. sections for seasonal/display setup with removable lock in place arms.             

First rain oxidation for a 3.5 ft. tall metal saguaro.

7 ft. tall metal saguaro with 2 arms on a round platform.  500 blue lights set in the center of the steel saguaro.  

10 ft. tall metal saguaro with 2 arms on a round base.                 

Welded rock formation on round platform. 2.74" and 3.75" Steel flowers. A variety of steel, copper and light flowers may be added to the tops and arms of saguaros.                                       

Oxidation on a 15 ft. saguaro hinge base plate.

Base model saguaros 3 ft. to 6 ft.: two arms, 12 trunk ribs, 6 arm ribs, a base (round, square or platform) and steel shape (rebar or 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" round or square steel).

Base model saguaros 7 ft. to 10 ft.: two arms, 12 trunk ribs, 6 arm ribs, a base (round, square, bolt in or X base with or without stake holes) and steel shape (rebar or 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" round or square steel).

Base model saguaros 11 ft. to 20 ft.: two arm, 6 trunk ribs, 4 arm ribs, a base (bolt in or X brace with or with out stake holes) and steel shape (1/2" round or square).

3 ft.  to 10 ft. 1/4"  Steel                     3 ft. to 10 ft. 3/8" or 1/2" Steel or Rebar

3ft.                             $150                      $160

3.5 ft.                         $180                      $190

4 ft.                            $195                      $205

5 ft.                            $220                      $230

6 ft.                            $265                      $275

7 ft.                            $295                      $305

8 ft.                            $320                      $335

9 ft.                            $360                       $375

10ft                            $395                       $420

                                                  11 ft.       $495

                                                  12 ft.       $530

                                                  13 ft.       $615

                                                  14 ft.        $690

                                                  15 ft.        $795

                                                  16 ft.        $950

                                                  17 ft.        $1780

                                                 18 ft.        $1800

                                                  19 ft.        $1975

                                                  20 ft.        $2215           


Extra arm for a 3 to 6 ft. saguaro.          $40

Extra arm for a 7 to 10 ft. saguaro:        $80

Extra arm for a 11 to 15 ft. saguaro:      $100

Extra arm for a 16 to 20 ft. saguaro:      $200

Extra Ribs:                                         

                                                Extra Ribs in Trunk:                 Extra Ribs in Arm:
Rib for 2 to 6 ft. saguaro:            $8                                         $6

Rib for 7 to 10 ft. saguaro:          $12                                        $9

Rib for 11 to 15 ft. saguaro:        $20                                         $16

Rib for 16 to 20 ft. saguaro:        $30                                         $25


A hinge at the base of a tall saguaro allows easy decoration or maintenance of lights.          $195

Cement Base:

Above ground bolt on cement base:      $158


Large saguaros that are 10 ft and higher may be built in 10 ft sections with detachable arms for storage or moving. 

               10 ft. sections:              $145

Saguaro flowers:

    Solid 10 Oz. Copper: $25 for 4 flowers

    Steel: $20 for 3 (flower pattern options available)

    Light: $20 for 5 flowers (color options available)